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Printing Process


The full-color printing known as full-color process printing or CMYK printing is the method of generating all colors in every possible shade. In fact, most of the printing on brochures, magazines, flyers and product packaging is done through the full color printing process. The Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black color are processed in different proportions for getting vibrant color schemes.

The Pantone matching application (PMS) colors were developed to provide a swatch book of colors for getting more refined printing results by selecting the desired color number from the Pantone book. The PMS colors stay true due to their original color therefore they are preferred as compared to process printing.

Custom Cut/Die cut Packaging

In today’s world of competition, everyone wants to think and act out of the box to get the maximum attraction of onlookers. Similarly, in the packaging industry, one of the ways to get noticed is to add custom die cuts in the design. Die cuts are used to enhance the product attributes like colors or designs in a creative way. For retail packaging, the die cuts like windows are a useful element in grabbing the attention of customers.

Window Boxes

The window boxes are extensively used for increased prominent look of the wrapped products. The color, shape, and style of the product are exhibited nicely by using window cut outs in the custom packaging boxes. The Die cut holes are often created in soap boxes to release the fragrances while custom packaging includes window patching to enhance the visibility of products while keeping them safe from outside world with the help of clear PVC film.

Inserts/Dividers and Trays

If you need to pack a single product in the box, it is very easy to get a regular box for that. However, in the case of two or more products, the dividers or trays are used for safe transportation and presentation of the items. The box interior can be converted into several small compartments with the help of inserts and dividers. The cardboard inserts/dividers are used to hold, display and transport the product in the safest way.

Embossing and Foiling

The value of your distinguished products can be increased by using embossing or debossing effects on the custom packaging boxes. The embossing is used to raise the text or graphics from the card surface while debossing gives reverse effect. Metallic foils are also used to enhance the luxury of product boxes. These foils are available in different colors like Gold, Silver, Pink, Blue and much more. The foiled image or text shines and reflects light like a metal. Both of these processes complement each other when wisely used for custom packaging boxes.